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This website provides up to date information about the White Card qualification and related articles and blog posts about safety on construction sites in general, together with information about how you can obtain your White Card and other related courses (coming soon).

The White Card course (CPCCWHS1001: Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) is a national requirement and pre-requisite to work on a construction site.  Click here for more information about the course.


White Card Australia

Construction site safety is taken very seriously by all States and Territories in Australia.  This qualification / certificate form part of a broader system of requirements to support the highest levels of safety on Australian construction sites.  This includes onsite induction training, which should orientate the worker to specific onsite factors including locations of important amenities, risks and hazards, etc.  If you need to do a White Card course here are some recommendations online:  www.whitecardonline.com.au, www.whitecardfor.me

Source : USACE Europe District


We’ve covered some of the frequently asked questions about the White Card here.  And below you will find links to useful sites including the various Worksafe or Workplace Health and Safety authorities in each State.

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