Construction Industry Feud turns Deadly

A murder which took place in Sydney recently has been linked to a construction industry feud involving money.

A Sydney standover man, Vasko Boskovski was shot dead after apparently being caught up between feuding debt collectors involved in Sydney’s construction industry.

According to media reports, the 36 year old man was shot when he answered the door of his Charleston Avenue, Earlwood home last July at around 9:30pm. His former business partner was shot dead only 6 months later in a similar manner at his Strathfield home on December 16th.

Sources within the police say the 2 killings may be entirely unrelated but chances are they could also be a result of Sydney underworld figures jostling for business within the construction industry. quoted a police source as saying:

mb_wide_vasko-20140209200454168147-620x349”[Boskovski’s] murder might not necessarily be over one particular debt but over a series of run-ins between feuding groups,” one source said.


”The nature of these people means we are seeing fights not just over dodgy business deals but small stuff like where one bloke might dis another’s wife,” a detective said.


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The case has cast yet another dark shadow over the construction industry in the state, with one construction company owner being taken in for questioning by police about the murders. The article on went on to explain:

A Sydney building firm owner was taken in for questioning about what he may know in relation to the Boskovski murder on Tuesday, just after leaving a meeting with Fairfax Media.


He said he did not know anything about the shooting death.


It pre-dated his involvement with debt collectors and his bid to recover $9 million which he said is owed to him by the big property developer Meriton.


”It’s got nothing to do with me. And the police believe that too,” the building firm owner said.


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Meanwhile the investigation into the death of Strathfield family man, Joe Antoun continues. Antoun was the former partner of Boskovski.

In January 2 members of the Brothers For Life gang were arrested and charged over the killing of Antoun, a 50-year-old father.

Antoun was shot dead in cold blood, at close range up to five times in front of his family – his wife Teagan and his twin six-year-old daughters, Lilly and Layla.

An excerpt from an article on explains more about the incident which resulted in Antoun’s murder,

Navid Khalili, 25 was charged at Silverwater Jail last week. He was already in jail for breaching his parole on December 24. Police allege he was the gunman.

Officers also arrested Kasim Ali Khan, 24 who they allege was the driver of the getaway car.


Mr Antoun was said to have been the “muscle” for some members of the construction industry and believed to be a standover man in Sydney’s underworld.


But his family maintain he was a “gentle family man” and there was no reason for his “barbaric” death.