Health and Safety Seminar to Discuss Latest OHS Research

Occupational health and safety will be the focus of a one day seminar hosted by the University of The Sunshine Coast Accident Research centre (USCAR). The event will take place on Tuesday 17 February and will discuss causes of accidents as well as measures to prevent them from happening.

Workplace health and safety is a very vast and diverse topic but the seminar will be focussing on “Optimising people, technology and their environment”.

According to a post on which discussed the seminar, the full roster of topics to be covered by the day-long event include: transport safety, cybercrime, adolescent safety and urban planning and design.

USCAR Director Professor Paul Salmon was quoted explaining that much of the research deals with human factors and sociotechnical systems. He went on to state:

100x100xworkplace_safety_thumb.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xEQlKb_RyO“USCAR’s mission is to understand why accidents happen and work out how best to prevent them,” he said. “Our research seeks to inform the design of systems that optimise human performance and safety and remove potential problems”.


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Seminars and other educational events are crucial in the health and safety sector and companies should make use of events and resources made available to improve safety on site.

Construction employers in particular should make use of every resource at their disposal because this is one of the most high risk industries in the country.

In fact construction work is risky enough for the federal government to have mandated construction induction training. Induction training in the form of the White Card course has been made compulsory for everyone involved in construction including contractors and labourers.

 Construction Induction Training/ White Card

Sadly most workers, particularly those who have been in the industry for a number of years fail to recognise the importance of regular and ongoing safety training and the value of attending health and safety seminars such as this one.

Workers who complete the online White Card course have a lot more to gain than those who choose traditional training methods such as in a classroom environment.

Even School students on work experience must complete the course if they are present on a construction site during their work experience program.

Before registering to complete The White Card course with any training institution, ensure that the organisation is accredited and approved to offer the course. The government has selected a few Registered Training Organisations to deliver the national White Card Induction course according to very stringent standards.

In order to complete the online White Card course you will need access to a computer, printer, the internet and a telephone line to complete the verbal assessment portion. The course is delivered completely online and assessments are done online and over the phone, so there is never a need to leave your home or office to become accredited. Once the assessments are completed successfully, your White Card qualification is delivered to you via the Australian postal system. Thereafter you are able to work on a construction site in oz.