2 Construction Workers Injured on a Building Site in Seattle

(Photo: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

A recent incident in Seattle, USA highlighted the danger of working with cranes on construction sites. One of the issues addressed by the white card course is how to work in the vicinity of cranes and other heavy equipment. This is much needed as this incident demonstrates when 2 workers were injured when a load of rebar fell from the crane as it was being lifted, hitting the 2 workers below. This incident could have been fatal and one of the workers suffered serious head injuries which could have long term effects.

A major hazard that is presented by overhead crane use is the possibility of the load falling and crushing people below. Operators should inspect the area where they’re about to operate so that any falling objects or debris will not injure or kill a person in the area below. Cranes are particularly dangerous because it presents a threat not only to the worker operating it, but to all workers working in its vicinity if it topples or falls on them. Many fatalities have occurred where workers were crushed by cranes, either when the load shifts unexpectedly or when a malfunction occurred.