40 People Die after China Mudslide

Tragedy has once again struck in Zhongxing, Western China where up to 40 people are believed to be buried after flooding triggered a landslide.

The natural disaster destroyed a high profile memorial in the process, the memorial was ironically in memory of another devastating natural disaster, an earthquake in 2008 which claimed thousands of lives.

The landslide in the south western region has left between 30 and 40 people missing, believed to be buried in the landslide which also caused mass destruction to infrastructure and homes in the regions. The landslide was triggered by recent heavy rains.

11 entire families were buried alive while another 200 residents had to be evacuated. The exact numbers are still unknown.

During this week at least 3 bridges have collapsed in the wake of the heavy rains. A number of vehicles also disappeared during the rains and subsequent landslides. At least 6 vehicles are still missing, suspected to have been swept away by the powerful water.

The latest disaster hit the same area previously hit by a devastating earthquake which struck in 2008 and claimed more than 80,000 lives. The high death toll was partly attributed to shoddy construction work.