Attention Construction Workers: Be cautious when working with Circular Saws

The death of a man in Adelaide has highlighted the need for extreme care when working with such dangerous tools and equipment as a circular saw.

The man lost part of his arm when it was cut off by the circular saw at the work site. In addition to damage to his arm, he also sustained severe injury to the face but is now in a stable condition in hospital. This gruesome incident could have easily been fatal which is why other workers need to learn from this incident. Read what had to say about the incident:

A man has had his arm partially severed in an industrial accident at Wingfield in Adelaide’s north.

Police say the 55-year-old’s arm was cut by a circular saw at a worksite just after 1:00pm.

He also suffered severe injuries to his face and was to Royal Adelaide Hospital where he is in a stable condition.

SafeWork SA says the accident happened at a business on Cormack Road and is being investigated.


The Wrong way to use a Circular Saw – pulling the saw towards oneself and no support under the plywood.

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So we’ve shown you the most common mistake people operating circular saws make in the picture above but here are a few more tips to using circular saws safely.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger switch until you are ready to make a cut because once the tool is plugged in, there is a power source which means you could kill or maim yourself.
  • Don’t cut a board in the middle that is just lying on two sawhorses, it will sag or collapse about two-thirds of the way through the cut and bind the saw, causing kickback.
  • Don’t use a circular saw to notch or cut out a stud that is in a framed wall because the saw will buck.
  • Place the saw down in a safe place when not in use. Never set it down on the blade guard or drop it on the ground. Always lay a saw on the side the blade is on, never place it blade up.
  • Don’t stand on the cord because when you run out of cord, the saw could kick back and cut you.
  • Keep the worksite clean and do not leave things scattered on the ground because a tripping hazard could prove fatal if you are carrying or using a circular saw at the time.
  • Keep the blade sharp and the saw well maintained at all times.

Remember if you are cutting a board and the motor slows down, you are probably pushing too hard on the saw, cutting on a bowed down table or have a dull blade. If your saw slows down and starts binding, stop the motor and pry the blade out of the cut. Determine and correct the problem before continuing, either try to cut it from the other side or throw the board away.