Basic Tips for Working with Nail Guns

Source : pdz_house

Nail guns can be a dangerous tool but do not need to be feared as long as they are used safely.

Workers can remember a few basic points when engaging in nail gun use:

  • Stick to your training. Always use nail guns only as instructed by your training and as specified by the manufacturers.
  • Make sure the nail gun is serviced and maintained regularly.
  • Rather use a single shot type nail gunthan the Bump fire type because it is a safer option.
  • Wear adequate PPE, such as eye protection and hearing protection.
  • Never place fingers over the trigger unless ready to fire, especially when moving from place to place.
  • Ensure the gun is not above the shoulder line when firing. Never point the nail gun at anyone.
  • Due to the weight of nail guns and the lengthy periods which workers have to hold the gun workers can suffer from musculoskeletal disorders which need to be guarded against.

Employers should remember:

  • To facilitate open communication that will encourage workers to report injuries, close calls and any concerns they may have.
  • Make sure nail gun injuries do not go unreported.
  • Ensure that workers get the medical attention they need when injured.
  • Make sure workers are sufficiently trained on nail gun safe use and supervised if necessary, especially new and young workers.
  • Ensure nail guns, like all tools are regularly serviced, well maintained and in excellent working order before workers are allowed to use.