Beware of Conveyor Belt Hazards

Source : Peter Craven

Conveyor belts are sometimes used on construction sites to transport materials. They are one of the machines on site that can present a serious hazard to worker safety. Especially if workers are not trained on conveyor belt safety and not provided with appropriate PPE to protect them from injury.

The case involving a teenager recently is an example of how dangerous these machines can be. The worker was almost killed when he was crushed by the conveyor belt at his workplace in Wacol.

The worker who is just 18 years old was working on the engineering site when he was almost crushed to death. Thankfully emergency personnel arrived in time and freed him from the machine before he was killed.

There are a number of safety precautions which should be implemented when working with or around conveyors but most importantly workers should be adequately trained and instructed on safe conveyor belt use. Workers should also be supervised in need be, especially young and inexperienced workers like the young man injured on the engineering site.

Those in control of the site must convey all safety issues to their new employees and be certain that they understand about how dangerous the equipment that they will be working from can be.