Brush up on Basic Equipment Safety

Source : Andrew Lin

Workers often become complacent due to familiarisation with the basic tools and equipment that they utilise almost daily. The problem with complacency is that it causes workers to become too comfortable with the tools and ignore the danger associated with them. Workers need to be constantly aware of the potential of tools and equipment to cause harm and remember their safety training at all times.

Some of the most basic and common of equipment have caused accidents and injury on site, most often because workers develop a more relaxed attitude towards these common pieces of equipment resulting in incidents.

The golden rule of plant and equipment use is that they should be checked before use for any faults. Any problems that are identified should be sorted out before using again. This applies to all equipment and tools such as hand tools, electric power tools, compressed air tools, cranes and lifting gear etc.

For these reasons it is a good idea that workers brush up on their safety procedures every now and then.


  • Ensure that the appropriate PPE are being utilised while operating these tools and equipment.
  • When using electrical power tools there is a risk of the operator being electrocuted so make sure electrical power tools are tested and immediately tagged if necessary.
  • When working with compressed air workers should never direct the air jets against any part of your body or against co-worker’s bodies.
  • All operators engaging in crane and lifting equipment work should be sufficiently trained and licenced to do so.