Builder Hurt on Wodonga Construction Sites

Members of the building industry should be aware of why they need to undergo the appropriate safety training before and whilst engaging in work on a construction site.

White Card training is compulsory for anyone entering the construction industry however in addition to being a mandatory requirement it is also an invaluable tool in ensuring worker safety by teaching workers about the most common construction hazards and the control measures which can be implemented in order to overcome them.

An incident that happened on a Wodonga building site is a reminder of why workers need to undergo White Card training. An employee was working with an angle grinder on the site, cutting into concrete when the accident occurred which left him with deep lacerations in his thigh.

The incident which occurred on the site of the Quest Apartments and Huon Hill hotel development, caused the worker to be rushed to hospital where he will undoubtedly require specialist surgery to repair the damaged muscle tissue.

A post on went on to detail what happened during the incident:

1Several of the 44-year-old’s workmates helped paramedics carry him off the site, a job made more difficult by the narrow staircase access to an upper floor of the apartments.


The man had been using the angle grinder to cut concrete.


A WorkSafe inspector visited the site soon after the accident, which will be subject to an investigation.


Four paramedics attended the job, which was called in at 9.20am, along with police.


Wodonga paramedic Mike Fuery said the man suffered an “isolated injury” to his left leg, though it was “a little more complex than what we normally face”.


“This was quite a deep laceration but it managed to avoid any major arteries and veins or nerves, although there was significant muscular damage,” he said.


“This patient’s going to require some specialist surgery to repair his muscle tissue.”


Mr Fuery said the man was treated and removed from the site in about 20 minutes.



One of the good things about this incident is that the man’s co-workers were quick thinking and managed to assist him in time. They helped move the injured man and worked in co-operation to get him the medical attention he needed. Workers used a specialist piece of lifting equipment called a stair chair to assist the man down the stairs safely without injuring their own backs, keeping the injured man conscious throughout the entire ordeal.

Workers should be properly trained on the use of tools and power tools. Inexperienced workers should be supervised to ensure they are operating tools correctly. Workers should understand the potential hazards as well as the safety precautions to prevent those hazards from occurring.

Also workers using power tools must remember that the appropriate PPE should be worn when operating tools.  It is also important to properly maintain power tools, including testing and tagging as appropriate. That means you should keep them sharp and in good condition for optimal performance. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and correct use of tools to avoid suffering severe, painful and inconvenient injuries such as the one sustained by this worker.