Builders ensure safety when working around machinery and equipment

WorkCover NSW has issued a reminder to all businesses to ensure that plant and equipment safety on worksites is being upheld. The work safety authority has offered a $500 rebate to any local small businesses that need assistance to make safety improvements in order to comply with regulation.

According to the General Manager of WorkCover’s Work Health and Safety Division, John Watson, the safety authority is available to assist businesses in preventing workers from being injured while utilising plant and equipment by providing support and financial assistance in the form of a $500 rebate to purchase equipment needed to improve safety or to make necessary alterations to equipment.

This safety reminder is particularly important because almost every workplace uses some form of plant or equipment and there are many hazards associated with the use of these. Some of the risks include workers becoming entangled in machinery or crushed by its parts, workers sustaining cuts, punctures or other open wounds, being struck by moving plant or machinery or its parts, electrical and explosive hazards, manual handling hazards as well as slips, trips and falls.

According to WorkCover NSW businesses need to ensure that employees are adequately trained, have received sufficient information and are appropriately supervised to ensure that plant and equipment isn’t  risking worker’s health and safety.

Employers also need to ensure that plant and equipment are correctly installed and operated by a competent person following thorough training. It is important that all the necessary control measures are in place to minimise the risk associated with plant and equipment.

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