Concerns that World’s Tallest Cheap Building not up to Standard

The building which is scheduled to be built in a mere 7 months is a pre-fabricated structure that will eventually be the tallest in the world. The costs of the building which are much lower than other modern skyscraper costs combined with the fact that it will be built so quickly have people concerned about the safety of the structure, not just during the construction stages but after the building is completed, the safety of the public.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa will lose its’ title of “world’s tallest building” as soon as the end of this year. A China firm is set to break ground on a 2,750-foot (838-meter), 220-story high Sky City in Changsha, China. The process of construction is also going to be a landmark because the building’s components are mass-produced in factories ahead of time and brought to the site and just assembled. The project is planned for completion by the end of the year. A total of 19,000 workers will prefabricate the parts in four months before commencing a three-month assembly process on site.

With the recent collapse of the building in Bangladesh where hundreds of people were killed as well as several other collapses around the world, the safety of the new “tallest” building has also been questioned. Watch this video which explains: