Construction Worker sustains Crushing Injuries

A construction worker was recently injured while working on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. According to media reports the worker sustained crush injuries from the accident involving an elevated work platform.

The 54 year old man is thought to have been working on an elevated platform when the incident occurred. The man is said to have suffered a heart attack while on the platform which caused him to fall.

Emergency personnel rushed the man to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment. Although SafeWork SA inspectors went on site to investigate the circumstances of the incident, including any potential breaches of the Work Health and Safety ACT 2012 (SA), the fact that the man suffered cardiac arrest was the reason for the fall. Why the man was not wearing fall arrest or fall prevention equipment is unknown.

Sadly the worker died shortly after being admitted into hospital. Jorge Castillo-Riffo, 54, died in hospital as a result of his injuries. Mr Castillo-Riffo sustained crush injuries to his head, neck and back as a result of the fall.

SafeWork SA executive director Bryan Russell was quoted by reminding people about the importance of workplace health and safety. This is an issue that is even more crucial at this time of year when accidents on construction sites seem to be more common. Mr Russell stated:

450920-1b2d9468-779e-11e4-af6e-cd6ad31dcd05“This death is a sad reminder of why we all need to remain vigilant in eliminating and minimising work health and safety hazards,” Mr Russell said.


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Safety on the site will be monitored by authorities. Mr Russell also went on to explain:

“In light of yesterday’s tragic incident, SafeWork SA will deploy additional inspectors from next Tuesday to maintain an active and visible presence when workers return to the New Royal Adelaide Hospital construction site,” Mr Russell said.


“This is in addition to SafeWork SA’s unannounced day and night-shift visits to monitor compliance with safety requirements,”



Mr Russell reminded the public that with the death of Mr Castillo-Riffo, the worker death toll in the state for 2014 has risen to 12. Last year there were a total of 15 worker deaths across the state.

Meanwhile work on the Adelaide site has been suspended in tribute to the fallen worker who was a respected member of the state’s construction industry.

Project Manager at the site David Mayton said that SafeWork SA had placed a prohibition notice on use of scissor lifts to work on the exterior of the development following the accident. The actual equipment from the accident has been seized by SafeWorkSA as part of their investigation.

“We have hundreds of scissor lifts on this project and they all need to be reviewed as a work activity, particularly in relation to the potential of being trapped in the vertical movement,” he said.



Workers on the site are still in shock following the sudden accident and many of them have been contributing generously to a fund for the fallen worker’s family.