Construction Workers: Danger of Using Cranes on Soft Ground

LA2The value of cranes on construction sites cannot be denied, they make possible a lot of tasks that would be difficult or impossible without them. But they also present a huge risk to worker safety, not just workers involved with its operation but any workers in its vicinity. That is why the risks must be assessed and controlled.

One of the risks that need to be assessed is the stability of the ground on which the crane stands. A recent incident highlights just how important this consideration is.

A truck crane overturned onto a house yesterday in the town of Eunice Louisiana while lifting the limbs of a tree being removed from the back of the property. Although this was a fairly routine operation, the outriggers were set up on soft ground.

2 Outriggers sank into the soft ground causing the crane to overturn and the boom to come crashing down onto the building. The cause of the incident was clear, its outriggers sank into the soft ground. Luckily no one was injured. There was a person in the home at the time when the boom collapsed but she narrowly missed being crushed by the heavy boom.

Two recovery cranes had to be called in to retract the crane and its boom highlighting how costly and inconvenient such an incident can be.

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