Crane and lifting gear Safety

Source : Steven Damron

The risk of using cranes and heavy lifting gear in construction is that they have the potential to cause enormous damage and injury to both the operator and other workers on site.

Operators need to be appropriately trained and licencedin order to operate cranes and heavy equipment. It is also useful for workers in the vicinity of the cranes operation to be familiar with the basic safety rules of crane use because any incidents may affect them as well.

The crane or lifting equipment should be examined and tested before use to ensure that it is in good working order. It should be regularly maintained and serviced to keep it in this condition.

Before starting work, workers should find out the weight and mass of the load to be lifted to determine the capacity of the equipment required to lift the load.

Other workers and people in the vicinity need to be protected by erecting signs to warn them and barricades to exclude them from the area of the crane’s use.

Ensure that the hazard is isolated from the rest of the workers on site so that they are not inadvertently injured if an incident occurs.