Death of Contractor on Victorian Worksite under Investigation

WorkSafe Victoria is in the midst of an investigation into the death of a builder on a construction site at Fitzroy North.

The accident which claimed the life of Peter Flaherty happed just after 11am one day last week at a home where renovations were being undertaken.

This incident proves that even on renovation sites, where it is perceived that risks aren’t as serious, fatal accidents can occur. Workers who are working alone are at even more of a risk than those who work on a large site. posted a brief article about the incident:

THE death of a builder at a Fitzroy North construction site is being investigated by WorkSafe Victoria.


The man, believed to be self-employed, was discovered just after 11am today at a home in Holden St.


WorkSafe Victoria spokesman Peter Flaherty said the man, in his 40s, was understood to be working alone on the home renovations.


He was pronounced dead at the scene with suggestions he fell from part of the house being worked on.



Anyone involved in any type of construction including renovations on residential construction sites must undergo general construction safety training and when you review the figures over the last few years of the number of people who have been killed on sites at people’s homes where they were doing renovations you realise the importance of safety training.

Some people incorrectly assume that if they aren’t working on a large commercial construction site they don’t need to complete White Card training but this is simply not the case. Residential construction sites and renovation work sites present many of the same risks to workers that commercial sites do and while no 2 sites are exactly alike, it is important that workers gain an overall understanding of construction safety.

In order to facilitate this understanding of construction site safety, the federal government passed laws which unified OHS regulations across the country. Under the new measures, general construction induction training is mandatory and the White Card is the vehicle for that training.

The White Card can be gained online no matter which state you are operating from and it is valid nationally. Whether you work in mining construction, road construction or major renovating to a house, you will have to be in possession of the White Card. If inspectors visit the site and request to see your White Card, it must be on hand and be produced immediately.