Financial Benefits of Safe Construction Site

There are a number of reasons for employers to maintain a safe work site, other than fulfilling their legal obligations.

When an employee sustains a serious injury the cost of medical bills and other expenses can be large, as well as the cost of fines that may be incurred if the company is found to be negligent of safety regulations.

If the employer is found to be negligent in providing adequate safety equipment and procedures for the worker, the employer may have to pay thousands of dollars in damages, this can cripple a business.

In order to decrease liability, employers must demonstrate that they have gone to adequate lengths to protect their workers and provide a safe work system and environment.

Workers should be properly trained and provided with the appropriate PPE for the hazards presented by a site. Also the safety plan that is developed must be made available to workers to reference whenever needed.

Another financial implication of safety incidents is the loss of skilled labour. Most of the workers on a construction site are skilled and specialised and replacing them will be costly and inconvenient and will also slow down the work process, costing money. The cost of training new workers can run into the thousands. Also new workers that have to be brought in may not be as productive as experienced workers which ultimately affects the company’s bottom line.

Also by providing a safe work environment, employers can convey a sense of security to their workers which in turn will result in job satisfaction and an increase in productivity. Happy workers are productive workers.