“Fluke” weather hits Construction site in North Coogee

Construction workers, what do you do when a sudden streak of bad weather hits your site? Well judging from an incident which took place last week and had construction workers scrambling, you run for cover.

Workers were injured, some seriously this week after a bout of bad weather including rain and strong winds swept through a site in Coogee which wrecked the site.

A section of the structure being erected was blown away and hit into workers causing broken bones and fractures, differing in severity. 2 workers were seriously injured however altogether 6 had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Workers suffered head and spinal injuries in the incident which has been identified as a waterspout. The site is near to the ocean and what was first thought to be a tornado turned out to be waterspout.

It seems the weather has really been acting up this week, with residents in Bunbury and Harvey also being affected. Bunbury and Harvey residents are being warned to take care of rising water levels in local rivers and streams.


Photo source: http://www.bunburymail.com.au/story/1694866/bunbury-and-harvey-residents-warned-about-rising-water-levels/?cs=278

Rising water levels threaten Bunbury and Harvey residents

Floods, tornados and other adverse weather conditions present a unique risk to workers in the construction industry. Mainly because these workers conduct most of their work outdoors, exposed to the elements and also because construction in its very nature indicates incompleteness of the structure. Because the structure is not completely built and all its facets secured, weather conditions can cause some parts to come loose and “fly” around, hitting into and injury people nearby in the process.