Forged Construction Skills Cards Circulated in UK

In The UK, like Oz a skills card is required for anyone working in the construction industry. In the UK it is an ID Card which allows people to work in construction and in Oz it is the White Card which is a nationally recognised mandatory accreditation for everyone involved in construction work.

It was recently discovered that thousands of fake identity documents allowing people access to the UK construction industry were created in a bedroom and circulated all over London to criminals and illegal immigrants. Not only is this against the law but it places these people at risk as well as endangering the lives of others on the work site and even members of the public.

The British National Crime Agency (NCA) recently reported that two men who made and sold thousands of counterfeit identity documents to criminals and illegal immigrants across London have been jailed, following an investigation by the organisation.

NCA officers arrested 2 men, Medi Krasniqi, 47, and Arsen Meci, 26, in a street near Turnpike Lane tube station on 9 October 2014. Apparently one of the men, Krasniqi, of Corbyn Street, Finsbury Park, was the ‘broker’ for the pair and would collect information and money from clients who needed fake IDs.

The Albanian National, Meci would forge the IDs and create thousands of fake IDS for clients from his bedroom, the cost of which would range from between £80 and £500 for made-to-order documents, depending on customer’s requirements.

The report said that cards entitled their customers to work in the construction industry. Not only were British IDs forged, the pair had forged ID cards for countries throughout Europe including Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Meci was jailed for six and a half years and Krasnigi was sentenced to five and a half years for their crimes. Meci also faces deportation after he has served his sentence.

Following the case, Carl Eade, senior investigating officer from the NCA, explained more about the disturbing revelations made by investgators,

competencecard“Krasniqi and Meci were prolific forgers and could supply almost any form of ID – from passports and national identity cards through to construction or security industry certification.


These documents were designed to be used to help people obtain work or services they weren’t qualified for or entitled to. Their clients would typically include criminals and people in the UK illegally. They are the final two members of a wider north-London based criminal network to be jailed.


Our three-year investigation into this series of Albanian-led forgery cells has now led to 17 convictions and a total of 68 years of jail sentences being handed out.”

In Australia getting a White Card to gain access to the construction industry is a simple and easy process which takes just a couple of hours, a lot less of a hassle than having a fake one made.

Most people choose to do the course online, which is more convenient and costs a lot less than traditional forms of training.