Improvements at Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Mine Ordered

Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Mine has been ordered to improve operations and procedures relating to cranes after a series of safety incidents that hampered construction last month.

The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has ordered that the mine’s crane operations be improved after a team of specialist safety inspectors visited the site and discovered problems relating to cranes and elevated working platforms. A prohibition notice was subsequently issued.

According to an article on and others, inspectors visited the site and found 4 areas of safety non-compliance during their inspection. Construction work on the $10 billion iron ore mine was delayed after inspectors issued 4 improvement notices.

In a statement the DMP director of mines safety Andrew Chaplyn said:

“The improvement notices covered issues addressing training and assessment, as well as operations and procedures relating to crane work at the site,”


A spokesperson on behalf of Roy Hill said that the improvement notices were in relation to lift studies, record keeping of maintenance activities, competency assessments, safe use of a particular type of crane and training systems.

Workers involved in mining construction work are more at risk than workers in many other industries. These risks have been recognised by the federal government who have mandated that workers undergo general construction induction training, also known as The White Card.

The White Card for Mining Construction Workers

Although we aren’t aware of what training was neglected for workers on the Roy Hill site, the one type of training that is uniform and mandatory for everyone on mining construction sites and any other building site in Oz is the White Card.

The White Card informs workers about the hazards associated with work in this high risk industry. The course also teaches workers about the controls necessary to evade injury and illness on site as well as their responsibilities under federal health and safety laws.

The course also covers issues such as employer duty of care and the right of workers to a safe work environment and safe system of work.

How to Complete the Training

Obtaining your white card is very convenient because you can complete the course from your home computer. There is no need to attend face-to-face classes or take time off work.

The online white card course is the most popular white card training course because of its convenience and cost. It is also more user-friendly, and more cost effective than other forms of training. It is nationally valid which is especially beneficial to cross border workers.

Learners who undergo our online white card course also benefit from assistance given by our friendly and efficient staff based in our Brisbane call centre. Help is simply a click away if you need it, learners can simply email or phone our call centre and operators are available to assist you.

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