Man dies after being Electrocuted at Vic work site

A worker has died after being electrocuted on a work site at Victoria Point. The man stopped breathing after being electrocuted and was declared dead at the hospital. Although not much information has been provided it is believed that the worker was working on a roof at the time of the accident. The man was just 25 years old.

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The 25-year-old man, from Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast, is believed to have been working on the roof of the Adventist Aged Care Victoria Point Retirement Village at Clay Gully Road on Thursday afternoon when he suffered an electric shock.


Bystanders performed CPR on the man until fire and ambulance crews arrived after 5.15pm.


The man was unconscious and not breathing when emergency services arrived, but paramedics continued to administer CPR.


He was transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a critical condition, but was declared dead shortly after arriving.


A police spokesman said the death was not being treated as suspicious, but the coroner will conduct an investigation into the incident.


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have also been called in to investigate the death.



Fatal electric shock incidents are common in the construction industry which is why principal contractors and those undertaking a business need to actively manage these hazards to ensure fatal accidents like this are avoided.

On a building site the most common causes of electric shock injuries are usually lack of ground fault protection, use of outdated equipment, misuse of equipment, contact with power lines or the incorrect installation of extension and flexible cords.

Basic Tips for Construction Workers to Overcome Electrical Hazards:

  • Avoid wearing jewellery or watches especially when there is the chance of electrocution.
  • Employers need to provide workers with the appropriate PPE including the correct non-conductive footwear.
  • Workers must read all instructions, labels, installation manuals etc. before installing, operating or servicing equipment and use tools with insulated hand grips
  • Those undertaking the construction business should ensure that construction site switchboards are correctly designed, mounted securely and are constructed from materials able to withstand mechanical damage
  • Make sure all equipment is tested and tagged by an individual qualified to do so before use and regularly.
  • Any faulty equipment should then be removed from use and tagged so it can be differentiated from working equipment
  • Ensure that all equipment is adequately earthed, including metal framework, the motor and the motor casing, legs and the frame.
  • Equipment that needs to be tested before use includes power cords and leads. These should also be tagged and removed if found to be defective.
  • Remember that corrosive chemicals can cause damage to insulated electrical wires. Also avoid leaving flammable substances near switches.
  • Remember that the power should always be turned off before removing a plug from the power point