Man found Dead on Sydney Building Site

A strange occurrence has taken place on a construction site in Sydney – a man has been found dead from an apparent fall. It appears the man was a trespasser onto the neglected site and not a worker.

According to reports a woman heard loud screams of someone in pain before a Victorian man was found dead on some rubble and concrete, apparently after plummeting to his death.

The northern Sydney construction site was apparently in a bad state and the fencing had a break in it, probably how the man gained access to the site.

When the emergency services arrived at the site they discovered the victim, a 34 year old Victorian man had fallen about 5 metres to the ground. The incident happened around 6:30am on Saturday morning at the building site in Clarke Lane at Crow’s Nest.

According to investigators it seems as if the man was out with his family when he wandered onto the building site. His family apparently found him lying dead on the ground.

Apparently police detectives as well as a WorkCover inspector were seen at the site on Saturday afternoon trying to piece together how the tragedy took place. A witness who lives near the construction site reported hearing loud male voices shortly before the accident. The following excerpt from quotes Kate Vanderfield who lives across the road,

 “About 6.15am I heard arguing, I heard a very aggressive guy swearing and blaspheming and everything,” she said.


“Then I heard this other guy that was crying.


“About 6.30 I saw the ambulances down there so something must have happened.”


Police, however, say there is no evidence of a domestic incident preceding the man’s death.


Ms Vanderfield said she heard cried of pain and cries for help.


“At 6:15 I was thinking about ringing police but I looked down and saw the security guard that was there and he seemed to have everything under control,” she said.



A truck belonging to the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union was also seen parked outside the building site. The union has since accused the company in control of the site of failing to properly secure the site which resulted in the man making his way on to the site. The company also failed to post warning signs around the perimeter of the site warning trespassers not to enter.

This incident also highlights why people working on construction sites are specially trained on the hazards presented by construction environments – White Card training.

Before entering a construction site, it is important that workers are trained on general safety because there are a multitude of possible hazards and risks which can prove fatal. Falling from heights is just one of the possible outcomes of an untrained person entering a hazard ridden construction site, that is also why safe work from heights is an issue covered by the White Card course. The course also teaches people entering the construction sector what the law says about the duty of care and their rights while working in a construction environment.