Newman Government’s Workplace for Wellness Program

Would you believe that 91 per cent of the deaths that occur in Queensland each year are as a result of chronic disease? Although this seems like an exaggerated number the government has released figures which show that 24,000 Queenslanders die each year from a chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease.

In an effort to tackle this alarming figure, the Health Minister Lawrence Springborg launched the new wellness program “The Workplaces for Wellness Program” last week to get employers involved in the process of getting Queenslanders healthy.

Hopefully the initiative will help workers get healthy at work, where they spend the majority of their time because at the moment the health problems are abounding in the state, compounded by obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol among citizens.

The following excerpt from explains more about the program:

“This program aims to empower, inspire and guide Queensland employers to support their workers to live healthier and longer lives,” Mr Springborg said.


“The Workplaces for Wellness Program offers Queensland businesses access to a new website that provides more than 40 additional resources, such as templates, tools, ideas and tips to help develop and manage a sustainable workplace wellness program.


“The focus of the program is to address the high rates of chronic disease in our state and support more than two million Queensland adults where they spend most of their time – at work.”


Mr Springborg said overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption take a toll on more than just individuals.



The post goes on to explain that a healthy workplace is in everyone’s best interest because healthy workers are happy workers and more productive at the same time. By encouraging a healthy workplace the program aims to reduce people’s chances of developing chronic diseases which claim so many lives each year, conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes in particular. This is done by supporting workers to be active, reduce stress, quit smoking and eating healthy. Although there are some employers who already doing this, the program will encourage more employers join in and will award them a gold, silver or bronze symbol to show their efforts in the program.

The post goes on to explain:

“There are plenty of Queensland employers who already provide support for their employees, by providing showers, lockers, filtered water and flexible work hours while others encourage walking meetings – meetings on the go.


“Most workplaces will find they already do things that make healthy choices easier – it’s the little things that add up.


“I urge all employers to make health part of their business strategy and become workplace role models for their employees, their customers and competitors.”


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland Chief Executive Officer Stephen Tait said the Workplaces for Wellness program was a great initiative and something they were encouraging all of their members to take part in.


“As a business owner, it is important to promote a healthy workplace and give your employees some encouragement to lead healthy lifestyles at home and at work,” Mr Tait said.


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