Perth Could Be Next In Nationwide Construction Boom

We have been hearing about the apartment construction boom underway in Sydney for a while but now reports surfaced which indicate that Brisbane and Perth could be the next to join in this boom.

Good news for construction workers and contractors in Perth could be the next to experience growth in the housing construction sector. According to Australian Industry Group and its senior economist Julie Toth, the recent surge in multi-residential construction activity in Oz has been boosted by an increase in the demand for inner city living and the rise in first time home buyers looking to enter the market.

According to Toth, Sydney is still at the centre of the housing construction boom, but Queensland could follow shortly, as well as WA.

An article on quoted Toth, who explained:

apartment“It’s really about population density and demand for housing in a constrained area,” she said. “If everyone wants to live in and around Perth or in and around Brisbane, then something has to give and higher density does generally mean more apartments rather than houses.”


“We have seen that trend in other cities. I think it’s probably their turn.”


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Toth was also questioned about the extent to which overseas investment was driving apartment construction in Australia’s major cities. She said that foreign companies and investors have always been active in the high end of the Australian commercial and multi-residential markets. She explained that an absence of firm statistical data meant that any evidence about increasing foreign demand for apartments was unreliable.

Toth went on to explain:

“I’ve got my doubts about whether it’s actually stronger than it has been previously,” she said.


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This growth in the Australian apartment building sector is supported by statistics which show that construction nationwide rose from 69,097 (seasonally adjusted) in the year to July 2013 to 85,213 in the 12 months to July this year.

Performance of Construction Index data based on a survey of large builders also indicated that there was a surge in multi-residential activity and new orders in August, indicating that the boom hasn’t lost any of its momentum.

Another senior economist was also referenced in the article, with the belief that the boom was also boosting employment in the sector.

Housing Industry Association senior economist Diwa Hopkins said the data showed that activity and the pipeline of work within the industry was firming as employment was picking up.


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