Premium incentives and less red tape for Small Businesses

As of 30 June this year WorkCover have introduced improvements to premiums for small business employers. These improvements include less red tape, more stable premiums for employers as well as incentives for employers to keep their workers safe.

Accidents on construction sites can be even more detrimental to small business owners than it is to anyone else in the construction industry. While these improvements will be beneficial to small business owners, the need for safety is even greater for these entrepreneurs than it is for the big businesses who can easily afford to pay off fines and replace lost workers to keep work going and productivity up.

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While most employers are aware of their responsibilities, the number of incidents that occur annually are evidence that safety is being neglected on many construction sites, something that smaller business owners cannot afford. And now with incentives for better safety standards, prioritising safety just makes good sense.

Communication is an important part of construction site safety especially because employees are the ones coming into contact with hazards on a daily basis, so they are better experienced to provide valuable information and guidance to employers with regards to safety. Employers need to listen to workers and consult with them on safety issues.

Information should be provided to workers regarding new safety issues that may arise. This training must include providing information to workers about health and safety arrangements, including the names of those to whom they can make an inquiry or complain to.

Also small construction business owners should not neglect to inform new employees in writing of the nature and dangers of the work they are about to undertake. Employers should also ask new employees about any pre-existing injury or illness that may be affected by the work and inform them that failing to notify or hiding a pre-existing injury or illness which might be affected by the nature of the proposed employment could result in that injury or illness being ineligible for future compensation claims.

One of the most important things employers (both small and large) need to remember when hiring workers for the site is that every worker should be in possession of their general construction safety induction card. Currently that induction card is called The White Card.

Construction being such a high risk industry, requires every worker to be informed of the safety hazards beforehand. It is for this very reason that the Australian government has made construction safety induction training a mandatory requirement for all workers entering the industry.

Training can be completed online via a comprehensive and engaging course designed by the leading experts in the construction industry. The cost of the course is also minimal, particularly when you compare it to the rewards and benefits this lucrative industry can supply employers and workers with. The course can be completed online and most trainees complete the course in just 2 hours and 35 minutes.  For full details of the course visit our homepage( and learn more today!