Recap on Crane Safety

Cranes are a vital yet possibly destructive force on construction sites and there are some common practices that are not only foolish but extremely dangerous.

Some of these practices include:

  • Overloading – is a dangerous activity which can result in a load’s collapse.  Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications when loading and off-loading the crane. This is the most dangerous activity that overhead cranes are involved in. Also sometimes the crane may be able to withstand the load while the building it is attached to may not be. The building that an overhead crane is attached to may collapse with the weight of the excessive load.
  • Side pulling – is another dangerous activity. Hoists and cranes are designed to lift straight up and lower straight down only.Side pull causes a number of dangerous conditions which can result in accidents and serious injuries.
  • Not all hoists have secondary braking as many workers think which makes working underneath a load extremely dangerous. This should never be done, even if a hoist does have a secondary braking system. You should never stand under a loaded hoist. Standing under a load has the potential to crush the skull and cause irreparable damage.
  • A daily inspection should be carried out before beginning work with cranes to ensure that it is working properly. Cranes should also be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure it operates without any hitches. This inspection doesn’t require a maintenance person, just a commonsense check list.

With just a little extra care and attention to safety accidents can be avoided and construction workers can return home safely each day.