Residential Construction Sector Climbs

The construction industry in Australia has seen a slight increase in the residential and commercial building sectors in the last month, according to the Australian Industry Group-Housing Industry Association Performance of Construction Index figures.

Read what this post from reported on the growth:

1093926-3x2-340x227The sector has not expanded for more than three years, and Housing Industry Association chief economist Harley Dale says while the improvement is welcome, the recovery is “fragile”.


Mr Dale says residential construction in particular strengthened last month, with both house and apartment building increasing.


“It’s pleasing to see three of the four elements of construction – the fourth being engineering, which was weaker this month – have actually moved in the right direction,” he said.


But Mr Dale believes consumers and businesses are delaying spending until they know the timing of this year’s federal election, and this uncertainty is hampering the recovery.


“The sooner we can know of an election date the better,” he said.


“And I think the sooner we get some more certainty back out there, the sooner we’ve got the prospect of some further recovery coming through in areas like residential construction.”



Although the growth in the construction sector is slow, it is still growth. And with growth comes new opportunities and inevitably new workers to the industry. It is important that amid this growth safety is not compromised in the name of productivity.

Ensuring a safe site is one of the key ways of enhancing productivity especially within the construction sector.

Members of the construction industry naively think that rushing and placing productivity above safety will save time and increase production, but the truth is – reducing incidents and injuries increases production and subsequently positively impacts profits.

The best way to reduce incidents and injuries on site and increase production and save money is to encourage positive attitudes toward health and safety.  The best way to encourage this positive attitude is by providing workers with appropriate training and ensuring they are provided with a safe work environment and safe system of work.

With growth expected to increase in the sector over the next 3 years, the construction industry is in serious need of new blood. In fact it has been predicted that over the course of the next few years we will experience a significant skills shortage in the construction sector, because of this expected skills shortage more foreign labour will have to be brought in. The construction industry therefore presents an excellent opportunity to young people wishing to pursue a challenging and rewarding career. However before young workers can embark on this exciting career path they will have to complete the mandatory safety training in the form of the White Card. Employers must also ensure that workers, new and experienced, local or foreign are in possession of the White Card before allowing them to begin work on a construction site anywhere in Oz.