Risk of Working with Construction Vehicles

Source : USACE Europe District

Construction sites can be busy and chaotic environments where a number of different tradesmen and professions collide in a single confined space at the same time. This can cause issues of safety, especially when construction vehicles are also present.

Construction vehicles moving in and around construction sites by reversing, loading and unloading can cause a hazard if it is not done safely. There have been many incidents in the past of workers being crushed by these vehicles.

It is obvious that construction vehicles often cannot be eliminated on a site and so management of the hazard is crucial. Workers and construction vehicles often have to work simultaneously to get the job done so designing a layout that eliminates the interaction of pedestrians with these vehicles is the first line of defence.

When vehicles and foot traffic converge in the confined space of a construction site, the consequences can be disastrous which is why coordination and great care is needed to avoid life threatening incidents.

The management of traffic is vital to provide a safe worksite. Potential traffic hazards include delivery trucks, forklifts, excavators and pedestrians.

Careful planning and controlling vehicle operations and pedestrian movements on the construction site can minimise incidents. This includes proper planning and management loading and unloading activities on the site, setting up exclusion zones, erecting warning signage and eliminating reversing are all methods of overcoming the hazard that may be used in conjunction to minimise danger.