Safety Concerns Shut Down Construction Site

Safety concerns recently shut down the site of a shopping centre in Wollongong. Construction on the Keira shopping centre site stopped after a union inspection found various safety concerns that jeopardised worker health and safety. Almost 100 workers were on site at the time of the inspection. According to the CFMEU some workers were sent home while others stayed to carry out the necessary changes to ensure safety.

Shut downs like this can be inconvenient and extremely costly to a business but even more costly are injuries and incidents involving workers on site if safety is ignored. When a worker is injured the inconvenience and costs snowball into bigger costs and problems such as having to find replacement workers and train them. Read what happened during the shut down below, the post is taken from

South coast organiser Mick Lane says the inspection was prompted by safety concerns raised by workers.


Mr Lane says the developer GPT is working to rectify a number of safety issues before workers can return to the site.


“Mainly access and egress for the workers in respect of accessing the various areas of workplace on the site, the tower crane which was not properly or indeed at all fenced off at the base which it’s required to be to prevent unauthorised access to the crane, and scaffolding issues,” Mr Lane said.


He says fall from height risks were also found during the inspection along with minor electrical issues.


The union expects construction work will resume tomorrow.


GPT says the CFMEU attended the GPT and Hansen Yuncken regular safety walk on Tuesday.


It says a subsequent walk was conducted by the CFMEU today accompanied by Hansen Yuncken.


A spokeswoman says as a result of today’s safety walk, the CFMEU made some recommendations.


She says the site remained open and the recommendations made by CFMEU are being implemented.



Principal contractors need to be aware of their responsibilities in providing a safe working environment and safe system of work for their workers and others on the site. This includes identifying the hazards that the site presents and either eliminating them or minimising their risk. Safe work methods need to be developed and taught to workers in order to ensure their safety. Other responsibilities include provide appropriate personal protective equipment to workers and appropriate safety training.

It is the responsibility of employers to provide the appropriate training to workers to ensure their safety and health. In the construction industry this involves providing the necessary induction training. The white card induction training can be conducted online, which is both cost effective and convenient. It is a pre-requisite for all construction workers and will equip workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in this dangerous and demanding industry.