Stay Calm and Raise the Alarm – Keys to Emergency Survival on Site

In any emergency, on construction sites and generally in life, there is no time to think about the best course of action. For this reason you should familiarise yourself beforehand with your site’s emergency response procedures, plans and routes and use your common sense to keep you safe.

What should you do?

In an emergency there are three (3) important points to remember and follow:

  • Keep Calm: Difficult as it may be in an emergency you must stay as calm as possible in order to think clearly and logically to be able to make the right decisions.  Panicking will not help the situation and will cause your mind to become blurry. For a clear and concise mind and ability to react correctly remain calm and collected. This will enable you to remember your training and induction and respond appropriately.
  • Raise the Alarm: You don’t want your co-workers to perish because they are unaware of the emergency so warn others of the hazard, but only once it is safe to do so and will not endanger your own life.
  • Get Help: Get the attention of supervisors, Health and Safety Representatives, first aid officers, other workers and call emergency services.

Even if you forget everything else you are trained to do in an emergency, remember these 3 steps and follow your common sense to safety.