Sydney to Double the Height of Skyscrapers by 2050

According to an article recently featured on website Sydney’s skyscrapers need to at least double in height by the year 2050 if the city is to maintain its position as the number one city in Oz. This claim is according to the company Urban Taskforce and its CEO Chris Johnson who is quoted in the article.

According to the post, Melbourne, Brisbane and Parramatta have already begun implementing plans to build taller skyscrapers than those in Sydney. Therefore if Sydney, now one of the most popular cities in the world is to maintain its position ahead of the other state’s capitals they need to start implementing similar plans such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore already have.

Mr Johnson was recently quoted as saying:

sydney-2050-april-2-three“Sydney needs to take a strong pro-growth position as recent data from a report by Price Waterhouse Coopers indicated that Sydney’s annual economic growth over the last 10 years was half that of Melbourne and Brisbane. Sydney grew economically each year at 2.2% while Brisbane grew at 4.4% and Melbourne at 4.7% each year,” said Johnson.


He warned that Sydney is being held back by out of date planning rules, setting the underside of the 1970s-built Sydney Tower as the cap on heights for new buildings.


“The world now has dozens of high-rise towers planned or built that are double the height of Sydney Tower. Across Asia many cities are building towers that are symbols of the prosperity and the optimism of that city’s economic growth,” he said.



In addition to the need to build taller builders to maintain the number one spot, Sydney also needs to take into consideration the vast rate at which its population is expanding. If the government fails to recognise the need for increased housing and facilities, including transport for this growing population, we are likely to experience a problem in 2050 accommodating this expansion. The government has been urged to act now and start planning.

To read more about this topic and see 3 different architects vision of what Sydney may look like by 2050 visit

From a construction industry perspective this issue highlights a number of things for me. Firstly the growth in population and the need to accommodate it, as well as the need to stay ahead of the competition in terms of highest buildings in the country, the construction industry in Sydney (as well as around the country) is likely to experience a healthy boom not only in the next few years but in the decades to come. In order to fill the needs of this growing industry, we need more young people being trained and becoming skilled on construction trades. At the moment there is a skills shortage in this industry which has facilitated the influx of foreign construction labour while many young Australians are without jobs and without the skills to get them.

Secondly the demand for skyscrapers highlights the need for greater safety awareness. We only need to look at the safety incidents that have occurred in other countries such as Dubai and China where the building of skyscrapers has resulted in construction accidents, some fatal – to recognise the importance of safety.