The Danger of Bad Weather for Construction Work

Source : carolynconner

Bad weather can have devastating effects on construction site safety, especially if work is not adapted according to the adverse weather conditions.

Hazards can be presented by weather conditions such as hot and dry conditions, wet conditions, thunderstorms, cold conditions and even wind.

In some regions Sumer is characterised by hot and dry conditions which associated with dust. The dust emitted by some construction work processes can be overcome by spraying water and wearing a dust mask.

Wet conditions present the risk of slips and falls because the ground is slippery. Workers should wear appropriate rubber soled safety footwear to minimise the risk of slipping.

During some extreme conditions like lightning storms, its best to halt work on site to prevent being injured or struck by lightning.

Extremely windy conditions can cause a safety hazard as well. Walls have collapsed in the past due to gale force winds, especially walls that were not properly braced. Walls can easily fall on workers and cause injury or even death.

Working in extreme heat also requires adaptation in work methods. For example a roster can be drawn up so that workers can take turns working in the sun thereby minimising the possibility of heat related injuries. Also proper PPE for the weather should be worn, for example sun hats in the heat.

It will also be helpful to construction workers to check weather reports for strong wind or weather that could hamper construction work. Other than being inconvenient for workers it can be dangerous to their health and safety.