Toppled Concrete Truck Halts Construction on Hospital Site

The construction being carried out at Lismore Base Hospital has been put on hold after a concrete truck toppled over while pouring a slab. The work was being carried out as part of Stage 3 of the hospital’s redevelopment, apparently costing upwards of $80.2 million.

Police said workers were lucky to escape injury after the truck overturned early Friday morning last week.

Com Care officials and engineers could be seen on site over the weekend investigating what happened.

According to an article on the police say the accident happened as workers had been remotely operating the truck extended the boom and moved the stabilising legs in preparation to pour the concrete slab.

It is likely that construction on the site will only resume in the new year. The article on explained what the redevelopment would mean for the community it services,

The development will result in a 100 per cent increase for the emergency unit, with four times the floor space of the existing unit, plus a new 18-bed renal unit.


Completion of Stage 3a is set for the end of 2015, at the same time as a $9 million project that will include a 250-space car park at the first stage.



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