Tragedy on Queensland Construction Site

A crash that took place at a Queensland work site is a reminder of how quick workplace accidents can happen and how tragic they can be. That is why we need to be prepared every day and for anything that could go wrong.

The accident took place at Reedy Creek work site in Queensland where a construction worker died after sustaining injuries during a crash.

Following the accident and the resulting fatality, construction work has been suspended on the site.

The site which is owned by Origin, was shut down after the worker was killed in a crash while on the job. An investigation is underway into the incident. The company is working with health and safety authorities to investigate the incident.

The incident brought the death toll to 2 in four days in the southwest mining community. Just four days prior another worker was found dead in his room at Euromba Creek, the cause of that death is still unknown.

An article on explains what happened. The following excerpt was taken from that post,

WDS-Reedy-Creek-200x106A contractor from the Gold Coast has died at Origin Energy’s Reedy Creek gas fields in south west Queensland.



According to Surat, the worker died at approximately 8.45am yesterday after being involved in a crash at the work site.



The man was working for contractor WDS. WDS CEO Terry Chapman told Surat that the company was shocked and saddened to learn of the fatality and was doing everything possible to support the employee’s family.



“Nothing is more important to WDS than the safety of its workers and we will work with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland to thoroughly investigate all aspects of this tragic event,” Mr Chapman said.


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While the worker in the above case was killed during a crash on the site, there are a slew of other hazards that could present a threat to the health and safety of workers on mining construction sites other than heavy machinery, equipment and vehicles.

That is why the government has mandated the white card course for everyone involved in mining construction (or any other type of construction).

The white card course is a general construction safety training course which is most commonly administered online and the qualification gained – the White Card is delivered via the Australian postal system. This system negates the need for traditional methods of training which are too time-consuming and expensive.

Learners of the online white card course study on their own terms because there is no set time limits within which to complete the assessments, perfect for a busy adult or the lazy student and there’s no pressure.  You will receive training on everything you need to know about working safely on a mining construction site as well as how to protect yourself from harm and avoid putting others on the site at risk.

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