Victoria Square closed after asbestos discovery

According to reports in the media, the central road through Victoria Square will remain closed until early next month after asbestos piping was recently unearthed in the area.

The asbestos discovery was made recently and caused the project to be delayed. According to the redevelopment project manager, Tom Playford bad weather was also stopping grout between the newly laid pavers from drying which was another reason for the delay.

He went on to assure the public that safety is the greatest priority of the council which is why professionals have been called in to correctly remove the asbestos and get rid of it however in the meantime the way had to be closed to ensure that no one was placed at risk and so that work can be carried out unhindered.

A post on quoted Mr Playford as saying:

482553-d88eb184-2c01-11e3-8ed3-8b214e834f0f“There is no harm or risk to the community and a fully certified and licensed asbestos removal company have removed the asbestos, but unfortunately to do this properly additional time has been required.


“The curing time of the grout between the pavers on the central roadway is critical to the structural integrity of the road surface, to ensure the road is strong enough to safely carry the weight of cars and buses.”



Although the road was originally expected to be completed by mid-October, it should now be done in time for the Tour Down Under in January according to Playford.

Whenever an asbestos discovery is made mid-construction there is usually panic especially amongst those workers who may have come into direct contact with the deadly substance.

Although in this case the public were not placed at risk, in many other cases where builders have neglected to identify asbestos beforehand workers and customers have been exposed to potentially deadly fibres which often become disturbed particularly during renovation work.

Asbestos exposure can be extremely damaging to the health of human beings when inhaled which is why if workers identify or suspect that a site is contaminated with asbestos, it is best if they do not attempt to remove it on their own. If you unearth a suspicious substance or break into a wall or door and release asbestos fibres the best thing to do, is remove yourself from the vicinity of the fibres and inform your employer. The employer has a responsibility to call in a licenced asbestos removal specialist to get rid of the asbestos and dispose of it correctly and safely.

The greatest risk of asbestos related disease comes from prolonged exposure, so ensure that you have yourself tested if you have been unknowingly exposed over time. Also diseases can take years to develop so if you have been exposed, go for regular check-ups – your risk will increase if you are a smoker.