Video on Dealing with Manual Handling Hazards

Contrary to the beliefs of many workers, manual handling hazards arise from more than just lifting. Manual handling is any activity that involves lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving, holding or restraining. It may also include stretching and bending, sustained and awkward postures and repetitive movements. Manual handling can result in musculoskeletal injuries to workers.

A video I came across recently attempts to highlight the importance of safety when engaging in manual handling. Although the video targets manual handling in all sectors, not just construction, there are some extremely valid and informative points made which can be of benefit to members of the building sector.

The video titled “No Sprains, Big Gains” aims to highlight the benefits of ensuring manual handling safety. The benefits of ensuring workers are protected from musculoskeletal injuries associated with manual handling are far greater the cost of implementing these measures. Just a few benefits include decreased workplace injuries, reduced insurance premiums due to fewer injuries, less litigation costs and reduced absenteeism therefore resulting in increased productivity. It will also result in a lower staff turnover rate and a better corporate image for the construction firm. Workers will also enjoy more job satisfaction and a higher morale on site, and health, happy workers are productive workers.