Video shows Work Injured by Distracted Driver

It seems that members of the driving public need to be educated about the dangers of not adhering to warning signs when approaching road works. Many construction workers have in the past been injured by distracted or inattentive drivers who either failed to slow down for road works ahead or failed to adjust their driving despite road works warning signs being posted.

A video about an American construction worker who was injured by a distracted driver while working on a road repair site, tells of just how important it is that drivers are warned in advance of road works and how vital it is for the public to adhere to these warnings and adjust their driving accordingly, this may involve slowing down or moving into adjacent lanes, the failure to do so can prove fatal not only for the driver but for workers on the site.

Although the procedures and road rules for states in The USA may be different to Australian laws, the principles are the same. The bottomline is that distracted and inattentive drivers are a menace to themselves and others, sadly workers on the road often pay the price. The best thing we as road construction workers can do is ensure that we are practicing the best safety we can by undergoing training, sticking to the procedures and ensuring that motorists are given sufficient warning, ahead of time.