White Card Update: Danger of Scaffolding Work

Source : Dan DeLuca

Work from any height above 2 meters is dangerous but scaffolders can fall at any stage in the erection of the scaffolding or during it’s dismantling.

There is also the risk of scaffolding collapsing while workers are on or under it which can cause injury. The collar locking mechanism on scaffolds can be a hazard if operators do not engage the lock correctly.

Scaffolders need to be trained and certified. Climbing from one lift of the scaffold to the next lift can also result in a climbing fall.

The most common scaffold accident on construction sites seems to be external falls from the open sides and ends of a scaffold can be controlled by adopting the “sequential erection” method.

According to this method only one-bay-at-a-time is erected, sequential installation of standards and guardrails or guardrails alone. This ensures that scaffolders are not required to walk further than one bay length along an exposed edge of a scaffold platform, reducing the risk of falling.

Ensuring that an appropriate access system is in place can control the risk of climbing falls for scaffolders gaining access from one lift to the next. This can be in the form of a stairway or ladder access that is progressively installed as the scaffold is erected.