WorkCover Tasmania issues Workplace Injury Instructions

WorkCover Tasmania has issued an informative, simple flow-chart to educate workers and employers about what to do if a worker is injured.

According to the chart, the first and most important thing you should do is to help them get appropriate medical treatment.

Thereafter there are a number of other steps that need to be followed:



Although the above flow-chart indicates to workers the steps they should follow when an injury occurs, it is always best to avoid injuries and workplace accidents from occurring. 90 per cent of workplace injuries can be avoided in the appropriate measures are put in place and followed by workers on site.

It is also vital that all workers in the construction industry undergo White Card Training. This will allow them to become familiar with the most common hazards that occur in the construction industry and the measures that can be used to overcome them. It is also a mandatory legal requirement that each worker is in possession of their White Card certificate before setting foot onto a construction site.

In addition to White Card training, it is important that workers also undergo Site Specific training to teach them about hazards specific to the site and control measures implemented by employers to overcome these hazards.