Worker Dies in Road Construction Accident

A 25 year old man has died on a road construction accident in West Michigan. The accident which took place in Ottawa in The United States is an example of the risk that road construction workers are exposed to every day. It is sad to think that construction workers on road work zones are more at risk of being run over by construction vehicles than they are from being hit by a car.

The accident mentioned apparently took place when a co-worker ran over the victim with a tractor. Struck-by accidents are the most common cause of injury and death on road construction sites which is why this hazard is one that needs to be taken very serious principal contractors and addressed adequately. Sadly this type of incident is extremely preventable which makes it even more concerning.

This excerpt from a post on explains:

Authorities say a 25-year-old man has died following a road construction accident in West Michigan.


The Ottawa County sheriff’s department says Robert Greving was pronounced dead following the Thursday accident in Grand Haven Township.


Authorities say he was working in a construction zone when a co-worker backed up with a tractor, striking him. The death is under investigation.



In Australia, even road construction workers need to undergo general construction safety training, also known as The White Card Course. This course can be completed online, quickly, conveniently from home and affordably so there is no excuse for workers engaging in construction work without it, and in so doing breaking the law.

The most important safety points to consider on road work zones include:

  • Ensuring sufficient lighting is available so that workers can see what they are doing and are not placing themselves at risk. For example workers may not see vehicles and be run over if the lighting is not sufficient and construction is taking place at night and vice versa, the public need to be able to see workers to avoid running them over.
  • Workers should be using high visibility clothing whenever they embark on road construction work but especially at night. Workers should all be wearing high visibility clothing so that they can be seen.
  • Advance warning for motorists is another important requirement. Motorists need to be made aware in advance that they will be approaching a construction site and they need to slow down accordingly. By not warning them in advance, workers are being endangered especially if motorists continue at high speeds and fail to brake in time to avoid an accident.
  • Sufficient and suitable signage should be put up to warn motorists. There should be suitable signage in sufficient view for motorists and anyone approaching the road works.
  • Pathways for road users and work zone delineation are necessary. This is particularly important because most workers die from being hit by construction vehicles rather than motor cars which is what happened in the case above.
  • Work zone separation is also important. Work zones should be separated from passing traffic and this separation should be clearly marked and visible.