Workers Guard Yourself against Electric Shock


One of the issues often neglected by construction workers is the possibility of being electrocuted from power tools or electrical lead on a building site. Many workers believe it’s as easy as just picking up a power tool and beginning to work.

The injuries that workers may sustain from electric shocks from power tools are burns, internal damage, heart damage and even death.

There are some steps that workers can undertake in order to safeguard themselves from the risk of electrocution from power tools or electrical leads.

Firstly before beginning work with power tools, visually inspect the tools to ensure that damaged tools are not used.

Ensure that tools that are damaged are tagged and repaired or replaced. Tools, especially power tools must be well maintained and kept in excellent working condition in order to use safely.

Workers should ensure that power circuits are protected by the appropriate rated fuse or circuit breaker to prevent overloading. If the circuit keeps overloading, don’t increase the fuse rating as this would create a fire risk due to overheating.

Electrical leads should be arranged so that they are not damaged. Workers should avoid running across the floor orground, through doorways and over sharp edges to prevent damage.

Leads should be kept off the ground. This can be done using lead stands or insulated cable hangers.Also workers shouldn’t use leads and tools in damp or wetconditions unless manufacturers state that this can be done and that the tool is designed to sustain wet/damp conditions.

With a little care workers do not need to become a statistic of the workers electrocuted or burned while embarking on construction work.