Working Safely in the Vicinity of Construction Vehicle

Each year construction workers are struck by or crushed between a vehicles or machinery on site. Workers run the risk of being pinned between construction vehicles and walls or being crushed beneath overturned vehicles. Workers may also be struck by swinging backhoes or other trucks and vehicles on a construction site. While a hazard identification and risk assessment will determine the safe methods to follow when working with and around these vehicles and machinery, here are a few tips that can make the construction site a little safer.

  • Wear seat beltsexcept on equipment that is designed only for stand-up operation, or that has no rollover protective structure.
  • Conduct a quick inspection of vehicle before each shift to assure that all parts and accessories are in safe operating condition
  • If your rear view is obstructed do not drive a vehicle in reverse gear unless it has an audible reverse alarm or another worker signals that it is safe to move in reverse.
  • Lower or block bulldozer and scraper blades, end-loader buckets, dump bodies, etc., when not in use, and leave all controls in neutral position.
  • Set parking brakes when vehicles and equipment are parked, and chock the wheels if they are on an incline.
  • Drive vehicles or equipment only on roadways or grades that are safely constructed and maintained.
  • Make sure that you and all other personnel are in the clear before using dumping or lifting devices.
  • All vehicles must have adequate braking systems and other safety devices
  • Haulage vehicles that are loaded by cranes, power shovels, loaders etc., must have a cab shield or canopy that protects the driver from falling materials.